Tournament News

Kenwood's Pettigrew Named Tournament MVP

HILLSIDE, Ill. – After a vigorous four days of competition, several players who competed at the 60th Annual Proviso West High School Holiday Tournament received extra accolades for their performances. 

Earning the title of tournament MVP is none other than Kenwood’s Trey Pettigrew. The senior finished the tournament as the team’s points leader in every game played. In the finals, Pettigrew put up 21 points to lead the field. He also finished the semifinal game against Clark with one of the best performances of his career as he posted 41 points. 

Here are the other talented student athletes along with Pettigrew who worked their way onto the all-tournament teams:

Trey Pettigrew: Kenwood Academy (MVP)
AJ Casey: Whitney Young
Darius Robinson: Kenwood Academy
Xavier Amos: Whitney Young
Javon Johnson: Proviso East

Calvin Lucas: Proviso West
Mikell Jones: Michele Clark
Myan Whitfield: Lincoln Park
Jelani Johnson: Proviso East
Davius Loury: Kenwood Academy

Kenwood Academy Wins 60th Annual Proviso West Holiday Tournament

(BOX SCORE) The Whitney Young High School Dolphins and the Kenwood Academy Broncos highlighted the final game of the 60th Annual Proviso West High School Holiday Tournament as these two top-ranked teams fought in the championship game. At the end of this physical game, it was Kenwood Academy who came out on top, winning the game 69-64.

The game was nothing short of what the packed gymnasium expected. The Broncos and the Dolphins went point for point throughout the first quarter, with Whitney Young just barely squeezing past Kenwood to have a one-point lead heading in to the second.

In the second half, the intensity continued. But this time, Kenwood ended the quarter on top. They came back to outscore the Dolphins 19 to 16 in this second quarter. With those points gained, the Broncos went into the half with the lead as the score sat at 28-26.

Leading all players on the court in the first half was none other than Whitney Young’s AJ Casey, who finished the first 16 minutes with 11 points. For Kenwood, Jaden Smith squeezed out the most points with eight. 

Once the two teams came back on the court for the second half, Kenwood Academy kept the lead. The Broncos’ offense pushed forward against a tough Whitney Young defense, scoring five more points than the Dolphins to keep a seven-point lead heading into the final quarter of play.

As soon as they stepped back onto the court for the fourth quarter, Whitney Young started chipping away at the Broncos’ lead. With six minutes left in the fourth, the Dolphins pulled ahead for a moment off a three-point field goal from Matt Sommerville. From there, the two teams switched the lead with one another multiple times, exchanging points throughout the last five minutes. This gritty battle went all the way down to the last few seconds of the game, but it ultimately ended with a championship win for Kenwood with a score of 69-64. 

As expected, Trey Pettigrew lead the way for Kenwood in scoring. He ended the game with 21 points, going nine for 13 from the field while also distributing the ball on offense to add four assists. One player finished with a double-double for the Broncos, and that was Davius Loury, who had 13 points and 10 rebounds. Along with those two, Jaden Smith and Darius Robinson contributed double-digit points to the team, ending the game with 13 and 10 points, respectively.

For Whitney Young, Xaiver Amos had a standout night. He ended the tournament with 21 points, which was tied for the most scored in this game. Along with Amos, Casey contributed 18 points of his own while also adding nine rebounds to the stat sheet. One other Dolphin contributed heavily to the team’s offense and that was Marcus Pigram, who recorded 15 points.

Michele Clark Grabs Third-Place Finish In Win Over Proviso East

(BOX SCORE) The Proviso East High School Pirates and the Michele Clark High School Eagles took to the floor at the 60th Annual Proviso West High School Holiday Tournament as they battled for a third-place finish in this strong field. Following 32 minutes of play, the Eagles finished the game with a 73-65 win.

The first quarter started in the hands of Clark as Suliman Agistie scored the first basket of the game. From there, the lead went back and forth multiple times between these two teams before the end of the first quarter. But a basket made by Clark with three seconds left in the first gave them the advantage heading into the second quarter of play. 

During the next quarter, the Eagles were still able to keep hold of their lead. They outscored the Pirates 18-17 in the second quarter, which resulted in a score of 37-33 in favor of Clark heading into the half. 

Once the players returned to the court, both teams were vying for the third-place finish. However, it was Clark who was able to hold on to the lead. But they didn’t win without a fight. The Pirates came back multiple times throughout the second half, even getting within one of overtaking the Eagles. However, it wasn’t enough as Clark secured the win in the final two minutes of the game.

Leading all players in scoring was Clark’s Mikqwon Jones. The guard finished the game with 24 points while also dishing out four assists before fouling out in the final two minutes of the game. Mikell Jones also had a great night. He went six for 10 from the field, registering 16 points during this contest. He also made other great offensive plays to earn a team-high five assists. Two other Eagles made it into the double-digits during the game, and they were Katrell Weekley, who contributed 12 points, and Cordy Johnson, who added 10. Crashing the boards was Daveonta Wynn-Patton, who grabbed 11 rebounds tonight for the Eagles.

For Proviso East, Javon Johnson was the biggest offensive threat. The forward ended with 20 points on the night while going eight for 15 from the field. Also recording double-digit points for the Pirates was Dakari Presley as he also racked up 20 points. 

Hammond Central Secures Fifth-Place Finish With 75-57 Win Over Farragut

(BOX SCORE) The final day of Proviso West High School’s 60th Annual Holiday Tournament is underway as the Wolves of Hammond Central took on the Admirals of Farragut. Following 32 minutes of play, it was the Wolves who came out victorious, securing the fifth-place win with a score of 75-57.

From the first basket of the game, Hammond Central had control. The three-pointer by Matthew King put the Wolves ahead of the Admirals, and they did not let up their lead from there. By the time halftime hit, Hammond Central was up 11 points over Farragut, resulting in a score of 38-27 in favor of the Wolves. 

The player with the most points on the court in the first 16 minutes was Hammond Central’s Kenneth Grant, who made it into double-digits with 18 points. For Farragut, Jonathan Calmese was their main offensive weapon as he tallied eight points.  

Once both teams stepped on the court for the second half, the Wolves ran away with the game. They continued to grow their lead over the Admirals, eventually scoring 18 more points over Farragut. This resulted in a 75-57 win for Hammond Central. 

Leading way for Hammond Central in today’s win was Grant, who finished with 23 points on the night. Along with Grant, Jordan Woods had a stellar performance for the Gray and Black as he registered a double-double, grabbing 11 boards and 15 points. Two other Wolves also recorded double-digit points, and they were King and Jelani McGregor as they both ended the game with 13 points each. 

For Farragut, Calmese continued to be the biggest offensive threat. He concluded his time at the tournament  with 17 points while also tallying seven assists, the most of any player on the court. Justin Pickens also made an impact for the Admirals as he grabbed a double-double, securing 15 boards and 12 points. Two other players also ended with double-digit points, and they were Eric Powell, who finished with 14, and Jaylen James, who contributed 10 points. 

Lincoln Park Pulls One Last Win in PWHT

(BOX SCORE) - As the consolation championship got underway on the final day of the Proviso West Holiday Tournament, the Lincoln Park Lions and the Crete-Monee Warriors duked it out for one last win. An early and 1 from Johnny Evans put Crete-Monee ahead, but they quickly struggled to combat the vicious Lion offense. Back-to-back threes from Chikere Nwosu put the Lions ahead 21-8 with no signs of slowing down. 

Lincoln Park continued to roll, going up by as many as 19 in the second quarter. With Nwosu putting up 16 points in the first half, they closed the half 37-23. 

The Warriors, unable to get shots to fall from deep, reimagined their game and took it inside. With the help of Devontae Freeman and Terry Elias, the Warriors were able to climb back within single digits late in the fourth. Elias put up 36 on the night while finding success inside the paint.  Within the last minute of the game, the Warriors fought back and climbed within four points with 30 seconds remaining. Through the gritty efforts from the Warriors, Myan Whitfield grabbed himself a solid 28 points to push the Lions ahead. 

Strong defense combined with crafty drives from the Lions proved to be enough to close out the game. As these two teams ended their stint in the 60th annual Proviso West Holiday Tournament, Lincoln Park was able to find the win against Crete-Monee 70-66.

Final Minute Nail-Biter Ends Victoriously for Dolphins

(BOX SCORE) - In the semi-finals matchup between the Whitney Young Dolphins and the Proviso East Pirates, the Dolphins were able to pull a literal last minute victory 73-70.

As the game took off, Whitney Young found themselves on the scoreboard first taking an early 6-0 lead. The Pirates answered back, caught up, and took the lead late in the first quarter off a three pointer from Javon Johnson, jump starting his big night. As the quarter closed the score sat tied, and would be the first of many ties and score changes for the two teams.

Heading into the second, AJ Casey came out loud for Whitney Young. Two ferocious dunks from the senior along with some points from the charity stripe kept the Dolphins fighting. Despite tough efforts from a Whitney Young defense, Proviso East was able to pull ahead, out scoring them 18-14. 

A dominant third quarter for Whitney Young saw some strong performances from the field from Xavier Amos and Matt Sommerville, who went 100% from the field and finished the night with 10 points. As the game wound down, Proviso East held on tightly to their lead for the entirety of the fourth quarter. The clock counted down and the Dolphins began to run out of time, but a big time layup from Casey would put them ahead with a minute and 37 seconds to go. A pair of free throws from Amos followed by a jumper inside the paint would be enough to take the lead within the last minute and seal the game.

Battling against the Dolphins, the Johnson brothers stepped up to the plate and dropped 20 plus points a piece. Javon Johnson finished the night with 24 points, five rebounds, and two assists while Jaloni Johnson ended the night with 21 points, one rebound, and one assist. 

Following this game, Whitney Young will head to the championship game to take on the Kenwood Broncos on Thursday night at 7:00 pm. Proviso East isn’t quite finished in the tournament yet as they take on the Clark Eagles Thursday night at 5:30 pm for a third place position.

Kenwood Academy Clinches Spot In Tournament Finals

(BOX SCORE) – The first semifinal of the 60th Annual Proviso West High School Holiday Tournament showed a passionate game between the Eagles of Michele Clark High School and the Broncos of Kenwood Academy. After 32 minutes of play, the Broncos came out with the win. 

In the first quarter, both teams came out with a vengeance. Kenwood Academy was the team who grabbed the first basket of the game, but it didn’t stop the Eagles. Clark fought back throughout this first eight minutes against a tough Broncos team to come out with a one-point advantage. 

The excitement continued into the second quarter as both teams battled during each play. This is when the game became more physical, with 20 fouls being recorded in this first half alone. But even the increase in physicality could not stop the Broncos. They made a big push in the second half resulting in a 10-point lead heading into the final 16 minutes of the game. 

Leading all players on the floor in points is none other than Kenwood Academy’s Trey Pettigrew, who already racked up 27 points. The main offensive weapon for the Eagles is Cordy Johnson, who had 10 points in the half. 

Once both teams stepped back onto the court for the last two quarters, the Broncos continued to grow their lead. They outshot the Eagles in both the third and fourth quarters, grabbing 10 more points than Clark in the second half. This ultimately led to Kenwood’s 86-66 win over Clark. 

Having one of the best games of his young career was Pettigrew. The senior finished the night with 41 points to score half of his team’s points in today’s game. Also making it into double-digits was Darius Robinson, who recorded 10 points. The two crashing the boards the most in tonight’s contest for Kenwood were Davius Loury and Bryce Heard, who each had nine rebounds. The Broncos showed the depth in their roster as all 12 players who entered the game scored at least once.  

For Clark, three players ended with 10 or more points, and that list includes Johnson with a team-high 22 points and Mikqwon Jones with 14. Mikell Jones also had an impressive night as he earned a double-double, registering 12 points and 13 rebounds. 

Hammond Central Ends Proviso West's Tournament Appearances

(BOX SCORE) - Tournament host Proviso West took on Hammond Central in a battle for a chance to continue play on Thursday afternoon. The game started with an 11-0 run for Hammond Central before Proviso West finally got on the board. After digging themselves out of an 11 point deficit, the Panthers made a comeback ending the quarter 16-15 in favor of the Wolves. 

Early in the second, a layup from Calvin Lucas put the Panthers ahead where they’d stay for the remainder of the half. Second half basketball saw five lead changes as the two teams went back and forth fighting to stay alive in the tournament. A trio of threes from Kenneth Grant was answered with a three from Kam Brown who brought the Panthers back within five.

As the final eight minutes of the game slowly chipped away, a series of steals and layups from Jordan Woods put Hammond Central even further ahead, eventually securing the win. Woods led the team in points after finding 12 of his 23 points in the first half. Following Woods’s total was Grant who put up 16 points, with 12 of them coming from behind the three point line. 

This win for Hammond Central secures their spot in a matchup against Farragut on Thursday afternoon at 4:00 pm where they’ll battle for fifth place. This loss for the Panthers closes out their appearances in their hosted Proviso West Holiday Tournament.

Close Game Ends in Win for Farragut

(BOX SCORE) - Despite the Morton Mustangs taking a 3-0 lead to start the game off, the Farragut Admirals fought back to jump ahead 16-9 at the end of the first quarter. From that moment on, the Mustangs would outscore the Admirals for the rest of the game, but it wasn’t quite enough to climb back in front.  With a final score of 63-61, the Admirals ended the Mustangs’s time in the Proviso West Holiday Tournament.

As the intensity increased and the clock ran down, it quickly became a back and forth game. With less than a minute left to play, 15 stepped up to the line for Morton sinking two free throws to bring the score within one. A steal combined with two sunk free throws from Anthony Martinez would be enough to push the Mustangs back ahead, but not for long as a retaliation bucket was scored by the Admirals. Four Admiral players found themselves with double digit points on the day, and look to put up numbers again tomorrow at 4:00 pm.

Last Minute Thriller Ends Well for Warriors

(BOX SCORE) - Winning the tip and putting points up first, Bogan took to the court with dominance. A first quarter led by Tarell Harden and Jaybari Moore gave them 16 of the 21 points, while the duo also led in rebounds. Unwilling to go out down without a fight, Crete-Monee fought back, going on a 14-0 run late in the second to bring them within four. An inside bucket accompanied with the free throw on the foul, Devonta Freeman brought the Warriors within one. With time running down and Johnny Evans at the line, the Warriors tied it up to close the half. 

A physical matchup out of the half, but Crete-Monee ran away early, taking a four point lead. Hustle plays, heavy rebounding, and overall competitiveness gave them the confidence to hit the gas and not look back. Holding the Bengals to eight points this quarter, the Warriors went up 56-38 with eight minutes to play.

Much like the comeback Crete-Monee found in the first quarter, Bogan answered where it mattered most. Grabbing steals, forcing turnovers, and finding transition buckets helped to get the Bengals within one point before a huge and one from Langston Terrion tied up the game. Terry Elias with a bucket in the paint and one free throw gave the Warriors the lead by two. With Damari Fairman on the free throw line, and down by two points with three seconds on the clock, the Bengals weren’t able to outdo the Warriors. As the final buzzer went off, the score sat at 66-69.

Following today’s win, Crete-Monee heads over to the consolation championship on Thursday at 2:00 pm to take on Lincoln Park, while Bogan closes out their games in the 60th annual Proviso West Holiday Tournament.

Lincoln Park Wins Tight Opening Game of Day Three

(BOX SCORE) Day three of the 60th Annual Proviso West Holiday Tournament started with a highly competitive consolation semifinal matchup between T.F. North and Lincoln Park. Lincoln Park would hang on in a closely contested contest by a final score of 70-69. With the win, Lincoln Park moves on to the consolation championship tomorrow at 2:00 pm. With the loss, T.F. North’s appearance in the Proviso West Holiday Tournament comes to an end. 

Lincoln Park controlled most of the first half, building up a seven-point lead on multiple occasions. Free throws played a big part throughout the second quarter for both sides, with both teams reaching the double bonus early in the quarter. 

T.F. North battled early in the second quarter, pulling back even on a pair of Kenechukwu Udeozor free throws. Lincoln Park was able to build its lead out to 32-26 before the half, closing on a 7-1 run. 

T.F. North pulled ahead with a 9-0 run of their own early in the third quarter on a pair of Chase Abraham free throws. Lincoln Park continued to work the ball inside and was able to build up a 50-47 lead at the end of three-quarters thanks to a strong performance at the free-throw line.

Lincoln Park continued to build on its momentum in the fourth quarter, building the lead to eight on a Myan Whitfield layup. Lincoln Park’s lead reached double digits for the first time late in the fourth on a Keyshawn Barfield layup. T.F. North battled back within two, but Lincoln Park was able to grit out the 70-68 win. 

Myan Whitfield led all scorers with 27 points on 8-13 shooting. He also went 11-15 from the free-throw line. Chikere Nwosu and VIncent Kelly also scored in double figures for Lincoln Park. Jevon Warren and Jeremiah Clair both recorded double-doubles for T.F. North in the loss.

Final Game OF Day 2 Ends In Dolphins' Victory Over Mustangs

(BOX SCORE) – The final game of Day 2 for Proviso West High School’s 60th Annual Holiday Tournament took place as the Dolphins of Whitney Young took on the Mustangs of Morton. 

The first play of the game indicated the result, as Whitney Young’s AJ Casey dunked the ball to start things off in Hillside. From there, Morton kept themselves in the game, even taking the lead with three minutes left in the first quarter. However, it was short lived as the Dolphins went on a 13-point run to make the score 21-9 at the end of the first. 

From there, the game was in Whitney Young’s hands. The Mustangs held their own against this strong Dolphins team, but it was not enough. The Dolphins’ impressive 57.9 percent from the field outmatched Morton’s 37.9 percent, which contributed to the 80-52 victory for Whitney Young. 

Scoring the most points tonight for both teams was Whitney Young’s Matt Sommerville, who finished with 21 points, going eight for 14 from the field. Also registering double-digit points for the Dolphins was Dalen Davis with 14, Casey with 12 and Xavier Amos with 10. Along with his 12 points, Casey crashed the boards, grabbing a team-high nine rebounds. 

For the Mustangs, Eliseo Gonzalez was the biggest offensive weapon in their arsenal. He ended the contest with 14 points while shooting 50 percent from the field (5-10). Also having a good night for the Maroon and White was Dakari Durham as he secured a double-double with 11 boards and 10 points. 

Physical Matchup Ends in Victory for Proviso East

(BOX SCORE) - A back and forth matchup from the start, Proviso East and Farragut battled it out in their second games of the PWHT. As Proviso East took the lead to start, Farragut refused to go easily and put numbers up themselves. Coming back from a seven point deficit, the Admirals took the lead late in the first quarter, but through a vicious final few minutes, the Pirates were able to tie it up.

As Proviso East grabbed their first bucket of the quarter they took the lead for the remaining seven minutes of the half. With the momentum already on their side, back-to-back threes from the hot hands of Javon Johnson would give the Pirates a 41-28 lead after 16 minutes of play.

Fresh out of the half, Proviso East kept the offense rolling as they cruised ahead by 20 points. With key steals and jumpers from Johnathan Calmese, the Admirals fought back late in the game. Despite grabbing himself a double-double on the day, Calmese couldn’t quite do it for Farragut.  Johnson, who grabbed 18 of his 22 points in the first half, would help lead Proviso East to victory. The Admirals dropped to the Pirates 71-60. Farragut will play on Wednesday afternoon, in the consolation side, at 2:00 pm while Proviso East will move on to play on Wednesday night at 7:30 pm. 

Broncos Secure Second Win In Holiday Tournament Against Wolves

(BOX SCORE) After the first day of the 60th Annual Proviso West High School Holiday Tournament, the Kenwood Academy Broncos had one win while the Hammond Central Wolves have yet to play. But today, both teams will look to add a tally in the win column. 

In the first quarter of the game, the Broncos came out strong. They pulled ahead by five points, which put pressure on the Wolves and caused them to commit two turnovers before the mask timeout at the four-minute mark. By the end of the period, the Wolves came back into the game, closing the gap made by the Broncos with a score of 23-18 in favor of Kenwood. 

As the second quarter began, Hammond Central picked up the pace. They outscored the Broncos by four, which caused them to only be down by one as these teams went into the half with a score of 35-34. 

Heading into the locker room, Kenwood Academy’s Trey Pettigrew lead all scorers with nine points this half while Hammond Central was led by Jordan Woods, who had eight points at the time. 

Once Kenwood stepped on the court for the third quarter, Hammond Central could not stop them. They pulled ahead with a 61-46 lead after securing 14 more points than their opponent. This momentum from the third quarter carried into the fourth for the Broncos as they continued to outscore their opponents and grow their lead. By the final buzzer, Kenwood Academy defeated Hammond Central 81 to 50. 

Leading the scoring in today’s contest was Kenwood Academy’s Pettigrew, who finished the game with 30 points, going 13 of 22 from the field. Also registering double-digit points for Kenwood was Davius Loury with 15, Darius Robinson with 12 and Bryce Heard with 10. Solomon Moseley also made a huge contribution to the team with a double-double, grabbing 12 boards and 11 points. 

For Hammond Central, three players grabbed double-digit points, and they were Woods, Kenneth Grant and Jelani McGregor. Both Woods and McGregor each had 10 and 12 points, respectively. Grant ended the night with a double-double, recording 10 points and 10 rebounds. 

Eagles Soar Past Panthers in Second Round Game

(BOX SCORE) - In their second game of their hosted tournament, Proviso West won the tipoff and scored the first bucket two minutes into the game. Following four lead changes in the first quarter, Clark took over and ended the quarter strong 16-10.

Coming in hot in the second quarter, Katrell Weekly set the tempo for Clark with a monstrous dunk. They were able to keep the momentum for a while, but not before Proviso West fought back. With another quarter full of lead changes, it was the Panthers who would hold it heading into the half. 

Despite the Panthers holding strong heading into the half, the Eagles came out with vengeance and went on a 26-5 run to clinch the lead. Fight from the Panthers kept them in, but it wasn’t quite enough to catch up. With a trio of throwdowns from Sullman Agistie, the Eagles soared for the rest of the game with steals, stops, and scores. 

A final score of 72-54 moved the Eagles on to play on Wednesday at 6:00pm while the Panthers are set to play on Wednesday at 2:00 pm. Both teams will find their opponents following the result of Hammond Central versus Kenwood, scheduled to begin at 5:30pm on Tuesday night.

Warriors Grab 64-57 Win Over Zee-Bees In Second Round Of Holiday Tournament

(BOX SCORE) After a day of losses for the Crete-Monee Warriors and the Zion-Benton Fighting Zee-Bees, the two teams looked for a win to jumpstart their run at the 60th Annual Proviso West High School Holiday Tournament. 

Following the first quarter of play, the two teams had a pretty even battle. They had similar numbers across the board, which resulted in only a one-point difference after the first eight minutes in favor of Crete-Monee as they were up 11-10 over Zion-Benton. 

Once the second quarter began, the Warriors ran away with the game. They outscored the Fighting Zee-Bees by six points, which gave them the edge heading to the half with a score of 34 to 27 in favor of the Warriors. 

The key player for the Crete-Monee was Johnny Evans, who ended the half with 11 points to propel his team forward. For Zion-Benton, Kenneth Hayes was their leading scorer as he registered nine points to close out the first 16 minutes.

At the start of the third, Zion-Benton found their pace of play. They outscored Crete-Monee by 10 point in order to grab a four-point lead heading into the fourth quarter. 

However, the lead change could not stop Crete-Monee. The Warriors came back fighting, scoring 10 more points than Zion-Benton in the final eight minutes, giving them the 64-57 victory. 

Two players for Crete-Monee scored over 20 points, and they were Evans and Terry Elias. The duo scored 23 points each, with Elias going 16-18 from the free throw line. Elias also hit the boards hard during this contest, grabbing eight rebounds. 

For Zion-Benton, their leading scorer was Hayes, who finished the game with 15 points. Along with him, teammate Mark Williams contributed a double-double, grabbing 15 points and 13 rebounds. 

Overtime Thriller Between Morgan Park and Lincoln Park Ends In Eagles' Win

(BOX SCORE) The second day of Proviso West’s 60th Annual Holiday Tournament kicked off at 11 a.m. with a match between to Chicago powerhouses in Lincoln Park High School and Morgan Park High School. The two teams lost their respective matches during the first day of competition and were looking for redemption.

The Lions of Lincoln Park and the Mustangs of Morgan Park had an even contest during the first eight minutes of the game. The Lions opened the scoring with a layup and a free throw made by Myan Whitfield. Even though they got the strong start, it was the Mustangs who ended up with the lead at the end of the first as Morgan Park had 15 points compared to Lincoln Park’s 10.

It was a similar story at the start of the second quarter as Lincoln Park opened the scoring yet again. But this time, they were able to keep the lead. After the second quarter, the Lions secured a two-point lead with a score of 26-24 heading into the half. 

Leading the scoring for both teams after 16 minutes was Lincoln Park’s Whitfield, who already had 15 points. The biggest offensive threat for the Mustangs heading into the half was Aaron Warren, who scored a total of nine points for Morgan Park. 

When the teams came back onto the court for the third quarter, Lincoln Park struck first again. They grew their lead to four before the Mustangs began to find their rhythm. It gave them a slight advantage in this third quarter as they edged out the Lions 20-17 to give them a one-point advantage heading into the final eight minutes of the regular time.  

Just as the rest of the game has been, the fourth quarter was just as suspenseful. The lead changed multiple times throughout the game, switching back and forth between the two teams. They were even tied heading in the final minute of the game, which put this game into overtime. 

With four players fouling out for the Mustangs, the Lions took advantage. They came out strong in the first two minutes of the overtime period, resulting in a five-point lead to start the game. Even though Morgan Park fought back to get the game within two, it ended up going in Lincoln Park’s favor as they won 74-70.

Leading the scoring on the floor today was Lincoln Park’s Whitfield, who finished the game with 34 points. During this standout game, he made 19 of 24 free throws. Also playing a big role for the Lions was Chikere Nwosu, who had 17 points while also grabbing seven rebounds. 

For Morgan Park, the two players with the biggest impact for the Mustangs were Fontain Thomas and Warren. Thomas ended the game with 16 points while going 6-10 from the field before fouling out of the game in the final two minutes while Warren also earned 16 points while going 7-11 from the field before fouling out in overtime. Along with this offensive effort, Lidell Miller had a great game for the Mustangs, registering a double-double with 13 points and 10 rebounds. 

Dolphins Breeze Past Warriors in First Game of PWHT

Hillside, Ill. -- (BOX SCORE) Despite Crete-Monee winning the tipoff, Whitney Young got on the scoreboard first off a four point play giving them an early lead.  Intense defense combined with strong offense allowed Whitney Young to close the first quarter 26-2. Carrying the high intensity into the second quarter, Whitney Young held Crete-Monee to two points for almost 10 and a half minutes, ending the half 43-10.

Coming into the second half, the Warriors were prepared to fight back, scoring 11 points in both the third and fourth quarter, tying with the Dolphins in the fourth. Ultimately, the Dolphins pulled the win 69-32.

The Dolphins advance to the quarterfinals to take on Morton on Tuesday night at 8:30 pm, while the Warriors will face Zion Benton at 2:00 pm.

Mustangs Grab First Round Win Against Zee Bees

Hillside, Ill. -- (BOX SCORE) With Morton winning the tipoff and taking an early 3-0 lead,  Zion Benton answered back, jumping ahead 6-3 for their only lead of the day. Morton followed with a huge scoring run to take the lead, where they held it for the remainder of the game. 

A game of steals for Morton gave them multiple fast break opportunities, resulting in a big time dunk from Victor Garrett to end the first half. Coming out of the half with momentum, Morton went on to grab the lead by 25 early in the third quarter. 

Through heavy defensive efforts and 21 points from Kenneth Hayes, Zion Benton couldn’t catch Morton, ultimately falling 87-62.

Following the win, the Mustangs advance to the quarterfinals on Tuesday night at 8:30 pm while the Zee Bees shift to the consolation side playing at 2:00 pm.

Proviso East Wins Battle Against Bogan on First Day of PWHT

Hillside, Ill. -- (BOX SCORE) With the first game of the afternoon session, Proviso East High School took on the Bogan Bengals in the 60th annual Holiday Tournament where they won 82-69. 

With Proviso East winning the tipoff  the Bengals were forced to pressure early, and eventually scored first. Both teams playing intense defense in the halfcourt, the game quickly became a back and forth matchup. Bogan took an early lead in the first, but Proviso East answered quickly and took the lead back for the remainder of the game. Remaining undefeated thus far this season, Proviso East stepped up both offensively and defensively with Javon Johnson leading the pack with 21 points. 

A physical second half saw Bogan fighting back with Demari Fairman grabbing more than half his total points in the third quarter. Bogan outscored Proviso East in the fourth quarter, but it wasn’t enough to catch the lead.

With the first round win, Proviso East heads to the quarterfinals where they’ll take on Farragut on Tuesday night at 7:00 pm. Bogan heads over to the consolation side where they’ll play again on Wednesday at 12:30 pm.

Kenwood Rolls Past T.F. North In Opening Round of 60th Annual PWHT

Hillside, Ill. — (BOX SCORE) Kicking off their debut in the 60th annual Proviso West Holiday Tournament with a bang, Kenwood Academy rolled past T.F. North by a score of 90-51. With the win, Kenwood advances to the quarterfinals on Tuesday evening against Hammond Central at 5:30 pm. T.F. North will head to the consolation side of the bracket and will play again on Wednesday at 11:00 am in the consolation semifinals. 

Kenwood never trailed in the contest, scoring early and often. The Broncos netted six threes in the opening quarter of the contest, including two from Bryce Heard. Kenwood expanded their lead to double-digits for the first time in the game just over three minutes into the contest, with a dunk and a three by Trey Pettigrew. The Broncos led T.F. North 27-11 after the first quarter. 

The Broncos continued to add on in the second quarter, expanding their advantage to 20 with 3:30 left on a Davius Loury layup. Kenwood wouldn’t stop there, building their lead to 30 on a ferocious Pettigrew dunk. Kenwood would take a 51-22 lead into the half. 

Kenwood kept the momentum throughout the second half, building their lead to as many as 45.

Heard and Pettigrew led the way with 22 points each. Heard knocked down five threes and Pettigrew went 10-18 from the field. Four of Kenwood starters scored in double figures.  Jevon Warren led the scoring for T.F. North with 21 points which included 13 free throws.  

Overtime Battle Between Mustangs And Eagles Ends with 70-68 Win For Clark

(BOX SCORE) – What started as a dominate contest between two Chicagoland teams turned into a close and hard-fought battle between Morgan Park High School Mustangs and the Michele Clark High School Eagles. 

It was an even contest between the two teams to kick off this game. There was only a three-point difference heading into the second quarter as the Mustangs had control with a score of 14-11. 

Once the second quarter hit, it was a steady defensive battle. The Mustangs and the Eagles both registered 15 points in the half, which made ended with a 29-26 score in favor of Morgan Park ad they headed to the locker room. 

At the start of the third quarter, the Eagles came out with a vengeance. Clark outscored Morgan Park during these eight minutes to only give the Mustangs a one-point lead heading into the final quarter of regulation. 

The fourth quarter started as Clark’s game. These eight minutes resulted in a back-and-forth contest between these two teams. The lead switched multiple times as both teams fought to secure the win. Clark came out with more force, scoring the points they needed to take the game into overtime with the score tied at 63 a piece.

This led to another four minutes of play to decide the winner between the Mustangs and the Eagles. The battle ensued until the last .3 seconds of the game, which came down to free throws. Mikell Jones was able to make both of his free throws, which resulted in a 70-68 win for Clark in overtime.

The leading scorer in today’s came from Clark. Jones recorded 22 points while shooting 8-15 from the field to lead his team to victory. He also balanced out the team’s offensive efforts by contributing five assists. Suliman Agistie was also a force to be reckoned with. The senior finished the game with a double-double, recording 12 points and grabbing 11 rebounds. Also securing double-digit points were Mikqwon Jones with 14 and Cordy Johnson with 12. 

Leading the way for Morgan Park was Fontain Thomas, who ended the game with 18 points. Also giving his team assistance on offense is Michael Brown, who earned 17 points before fouling out with less than seven minutes left in the fourth quarter. Helping the team on the defensive end of the ball was Ralph Gordan, who had seven rebounds before he followed out in overtime.  

Panthers Win 65-48 Against Lions To Start 60th Annual Holiday Tournament

(BOX SCORE) – The first contest of Proviso West High School’s 60th Annual Holiday Tournament kicked off today as the Panthers of Proviso West faced the Lions of Lincoln Park High School.

In the first quarter, the Panthers came out strong. They scored the first five points of the game, keeping Lincoln Park with no points to start the contest. Then, the Lions woke up, coming back to finish the first quarter only down by one basket to the Panthers.

The second quarter told a different story for both teams. Proviso West had a dominate performance, only allowing the Lions to score three points during the second. This resulted in a score of 27-14 in favor of the Panthers.

Proviso West’s Calvin Lucas had the best performance to start the game, already tabbing 12 points in the first 16 minutes. Right behind him from Lincoln Park’s team is Chikere Nwosu, who leads his team with seven points followed by Myan Whitfield with six.

Once the teams came back from the half, the game still belonged to Proviso West, but not without a fight from Lincoln Park. The third quarter started with a dominate lead by the Panthers, but Lincoln Park kept with Proviso as they only allowed the Panthers to gain three points.

This carried over into the fourth as the Lions of Lincoln Park scored the first basket, which is the only quarter they came out with the first basket. Although they began the scoring, the Panthers were not letting them back into the game. Proviso West scored 25 points in the fourth compared the Lions’ 24, which resulted in a 65-48 win for the Panthers.

The top player on the floor today was none other than Proviso West’s Lucas, who scored 29 points, going 10 for 15 from the floor and 9 for 15 from the free throw line. Kevin McGhee also added to the team’s offensive efforts, recording 10 points. In the opposing team’s paint, Allen Akins made his presence known. He contributed 15 rebounds for the Panthers to help lead them to victory.

For Lincoln Park, two players registered double-digit points. Leading the way for the Lions was Nwosu, who finished the game with a double-double, scoring 18 points and grabbing 12 rebounds. Highlighting the team’s offensive efforts was Whitfield, who ended the contest with 20 points.